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Student Feature

Gilbert Cordova

The Binder Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Academy officially opened its doors in February 2019. Since then, we have gained over a hundred students. We strive to maintain a warm and welcoming environment for various levels within the martial art. Because of this, Binder BJJ has grown into a fantastic team full of outstanding students. "All of my teammates are awesome. There's never a question that I have that won't be answered by someone," says Gilbert Cordova. Cordova is a three-striped white belt who joined the dojo back in March of 2019. Being employed through the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Cordova explains why BJJ has improved his ability to serve better and protect his patients. "...the ability to think clearly while in a stressful situation. I've also gained confidence in myself. I am more aware of others, and I can anticipate potential attacks from patients a little better than I used to be able to. Being able to protect myself and others is a must in my profession, and BJJ is great for exactly that." We asked Cordova what he believes makes for an excellent BJJ team to thrive, "Dave Binder and his instruction is a big reason why I continue to come. He's very personable and willing to answer questions. He's also very enthusiastic about his teaching. His wisdom about BJJ is also helpful in life sometimes." On the other hand, the academy would be nothing without its students. It is necessary, " be a sponge! Ask questions! Be teachable and willing to take criticism and learn from your mistakes! Also, write things down if you can," says Cordova. BJJ also is beneficial in other aspects of life, "BJJ is a great workout! It also creates the ability for me to think while I'm stressed out. The discipline involved is good for my day to day life as well," Cordova states. He also partakes in other activities such as weightlifting, bicycling, and running/hiking. Since he has started, he has "lost about 15 pounds and gained core stability and strength!" We asked Cordova if he has any advice for students thinking about joining a BJJ gym, "Just do it. Have a conversation with a friend that does BJJ or really anybody at Binder BJJ if you're curious. Dave is always willing to answer questions and talk about BJJ. Don't put it off like I did! Just do it!" We are thrilled to have Gilbert on our BJJ team, and we look forward to witnessing his continued growth on his BJJ journey!

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